Learn to drive with ALL STAR – our FAQs

How do professionally instructed hours count in my log book?

An ALL STAR driver trainer signature is worth 3 hours for every actual hour spent on the road for the first 10 hours. E.g = 10 hours spent with an ALL STAR instructor is worth 30 hours.

How do I book my license test?

Your licence test can be booked online and we can assist in the booking for you at no extra charge.

Who is eligible for the FREE KEYS 2 DRIVE lesson?

Any learner driver with an Australian Learners Permit is eligible for ONE free lesson through the government funded KEYS 2 DRIVE program. You must not have already claimed this free lesson through another instructor.

How do I register for my FREE KEYS 2 DRIVE lesson?

It’s as simple as registering online! Click HERE to register now and contact ALL STAR with your lesson ID number.